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Balloon character candy cups are the perfect addition to a balloon bouquet or use them as party favors. In a variety of colors, shapes and styles you’re sure to find the perfect design to send the happiest of birthday wishes to anyone. Paired with some sweet treats to create the perfect gift, table decoration or party favor.

Step 1: Choose your topper (If you don’t see what you’re looking for, email us)
Step 2: We will choose the best base & accent colors for your design
Step 3: You can order Candy Cups for a Birthday Party or have them delivered!
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These are unfilled Candy Cups

These are our standard terms of business

By accepting an estimate or paying a deposit or any invoice, you agree to these terms. No retrospective changes in these terms can be made without written agreement from Simply Amazing Entertainment.

The Client agrees to the following:

1 Cancellations/Refunds Should Client need to reschedule the event, please do so at least forty-eight (48) hours prior and we will make every effort to meet Client’s needs. Should Client need to cancel the event, Client must cancel at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the event or Client agrees to pay the total amount contracted. Performer does not offer refunds for inclement weather, so please secure an alternate indoor location in advance. If performer shall become ill or have to cancel for any reason, the Client will be refunded a full refund or Performer will find a replacement of equal qualification.

2 Payment Be sure to book Performer time accordingly to avoid leaving anyone out. Please do not ask Performer to disappoint any guests due to lack of time booked. If Client exceeds time booked, and if Performer is available to stay longer (sometimes we are booked for several events in one day and unable to extend time), an additional charge of $100.00 will be applied in half-hour increments. The Client shall pay for the time booked plus overrun, even if the Client has delayed the time that Performer starts the actual performance. Performer requires no less than 50% nonrefundable deposit which reserves your event’s date and time on our calendar and guarantees Performer will be available for your event. All remaining charges are due on the day of the event at the arrival of the Performer. If paid after the event, an additional of $25 will apply (unless other specified in the agreement). The client must pay for the time booked even if the client only uses Performer for less time. After confirming availability of the date with Performer through email or phone, completed contract and deposit must be submitted promptly to secure the date. Simply Amazing Entertainment accepts online payment through PayPal. Simply Amazing Entertainment accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and cash on location. Simply Amazing Entertainment does not accept personal checks. There is a $30 fee for any returned checks or charges.

Please make checks payable to

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Chris (614-769-2818 or Your account number is located on your invoice.

Please retain a copy for your records.

Thank you for your business!


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Face painters are a great way to add color and entertainment to any kind of event, party, festival, or fundraiser, and are a wonderful treat for guests of all ages! Our face painters will create “cheek art” on your face, arms or hands. The little ones get just as big of a thrill watching as they do the final product!  Adults and teens love it, too!  Our face painters do real wearable art, with small designs or elaborate full faces.

FAQs When Hiring a Face Painter

How much time do we need? Do you want all of your guests to have an opportunity to be painted?  Consider how fast your artist(s) can paint, and how long your party last, as we require a 2 hour minimum booked time to appear at an event. Many are able to do both cheek art as well as detailed full face designs, but it is wise to ask about the particular painting speeds of the artist you are hiring, as painting times often differ wildly from artist to artist.  If it is an event for children, consider that some of the adults attending may also be interested in having their faces painted.  If you have a large number of guests, you may want to consider hiring multiple artists so that all of your intended guests can be painted.  At large events such as carnivals or festivals, the artists may need to cut off lines up to half an hour in advance of the end of their booking period so that they do not run over time, although many are willing to work overtime if they are available and the event coordinator approves the additional paid time.

How many designs can your artist do? Does your event have a particular theme, mascot, or logo?  In addition to being able to tailor design types to your time and number of guests, many face painters are also able to offer specific or custom designs.  Most artists are more than happy to tailor their selection of designs to reflect the type of event by request and with advance notice prior to your event.


Will any location do?  Sort-of. Face painters require at least 10′ x 10′ of space to work, preferably indoors or in the shade.  It is also necessary to have a reasonable separation between loudspeakers and the artists in order for the artists to communicate with guests to find out what they would like.  While it is preferable that the event provides equipment such as tables, chairs, and awnings (for outdoor events), some artists are able to provide their own if needed (additional fee may apply; see Policies for details). Face painters will need access to parking as close as possible to the event for the transportation of materials, and access to water.  Keep in mind that long lines often form at larger events that can block foot and vehicle traffic, so queue lines or line assistants are often helpful so that the artist can work faster and more efficiently. 

Does the artist bring their own materials?  Yes. Our artists use professional face paints that are non-toxic, skin safe, and that wash off easily with soap and water.  For children with sensitive skin, smaller designs on the cheek, hand, or arm are great alternatives, though reactions to professional grade paints are extremely rare.  Also, because of the water-solubility of the paints, face painting may not be suited to certain events such as pool parties, or should be scheduled for when the guests will no longer be swimming.

1. Age appropriate:

What is the age range of the kids that you are looking to entertain? Usually, a parent would want entertainment not only for their child but for the guests as well. We know that your child likes Elmo, but you have invited other kids to the party as well. You may want to consider entertainment that would cater to the appropriate age group invited as opposed to just the birthday child. A professional entertainer would know how to make the birthday child feel special without making the other kids feel not included. Having several styles of entertainers at your event is ideal as well.

2. A clown isn’t just a clown:

Please consider the person behind the make up. Performers vary greatly in approach and style. Please consider the person who will be wearing that costume. Kids have an amazing intuition and can pick up on eachothers fears. A seasoned professional will know how to calm those anxieties very early on and bring the group together into the fun zone.

3. Use your best judgment:

Do some homework on the performer before you commit:
 Are they a full time kids entertainer?
Are they patient and genuinely like children? (Kids require a lots of patience.)
 Do they project a professional image? (Website, Demo, Costume, etc.)
 Do they work with a children’s entertainment event planning company?

4. Budget:

Like any other service, you sometimes get what you pay for. Consider entertainment into your budget, a good entertainer can make your party all the worthwhile. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. If you want someone to do a magic show, a puppet show, sculpt balloon animals and do face painting for $150, then hire your neighbor’s teenage son. Make sure to give him a $50 advance to get the supplies from the dollar store. But if you want a professional, make sure that they are specialized in their field and they are at the top of their game.

5. Logistics:

Consider to ask the performer these logistical questions before you commit:
 How much space do you need? 
Can you perform indoors and outdoors?
 Do you provide your own sound equipment?
 What do you need us to prepare for your act?


  1. 4th of July Party
  2. 50s – Rock’n Fifties
  3. 60s – Groovy Sixties
  4. 70s – Seventies Disco
  5. Airplane Party
  6. Alice in Wonderland
  7. Alphabet Party
  8. Amazing Race
  9. American Girl Party
  10. American Idol Party
  11. Animal Rescue Party
  12. Apple Picking Party
  13. April Fools Day Party
  14. Aquarium Party
  15. Arabian Princess Party
  16. Army Party
  17. Around the World Party
  18. Arts and Crafts Party
  19. Autumn Harvest Party
  20. Baby Einstein Party
  21. Back-to-School Party
  22. Backwards Party
  23. Backyardigans Party
  24. Ballet Party
  25. Barbie Party
  26. Barnyard Party
  27. Barney Party
  28. Baseball Party
  29. Basketball Party
  30. Batman Party
  31. Beach Party
  32. Bear in Big Blue House
  33. Beauty and the Beast
  34. Bee Party
  35. Bob the Builder
  36. Book Parties
  37. Bowling Party
  38. Bratz Party
  39. Breakfast Party
  40. Bug – Bumblebee 
Bug – Butterfly
Bug – Caterpillar
 – Ladybug
  41. Buzz Lightyear – Toy Story Party
  42. Butterfly Party
  43. Camping Party
  44. Candyland Party
  45. Care Bears Party
  46. Carnival Party
  47. Cartoon Characters
  48. Casino Party
  49. Cat in the Hat
  50. Cat Party
  51. Caterpillar Party
  52. Celebrity Party
  53. Cheerleading Party
  54. Cheetah Girls Party
  55. Chef Party
  56. Chinese Party
  57. Chocolate Party
  58. Christmas Party
  59. Christmas Cookie Party
  60. Cinderella Party
  61. Circus Party
  62. Clifford the Big Red Dog
  63. Clown Party
  64. Color Party
  65. Construction Party
  66. Cooking Party
  67. Cowboy Party
  68. Cowgirl Party
  69. Crocodile Party
  70. Cupcake Party
  71. Curious George
  72. Dalmatian Party
  73. Dance Party
  74. Dance Star
  75. Dinosaur Party
  76. Dinosaur Paleontologist
  77. Disney Princess Party
  78. Dog Party
  79. Doll Party
  80. Doodlebops Party
  81. Dora the Explorer Party
  82. Dr. Seuss Party – Cat in the Hat Party
  83. Dress-up Party
  84. Dress-up
  85. Easter Birthday Party
  86. Easter Party
  87. Elmo Party
  88. Eloise Party
  89. Egyptian Party/Event
  90. Fairy – Princess Party
  91. Fairy – Tea Party
  92. Fairy – Tinker Bell
  93. Farm Party
  94. Fear Factor Party
  95. Fiesta Celebration
  96. Fifties Party
  97. Finding Nemo Party or Treasure Hunt
  98. Fire Truck Parties
  99. Fishing Party
  100. Food and Snacks 
Football Party
  101. Frog Party Games
  102. Game Show Party
  103. Garden Party
  104. Gilligan’s Island Party
  105. Goodie Bags
  106. Green Party
  107. Gymnastics Party
  108. Halloween Party
  109. Handy Manny Party
  110. Hannah Montana Party
  111. Harry Potter Party
  112. Hello Kitty Party
  113. Hockey Party
  114. Hoe Down Party
  115. Holiday Party Ideas
  116. Hollywood Star Party
  117. Hot Wheels Party
  118. Hulk Party
  119. Hungry Caterpillar
  120. Ice Cream Party
  121. Ice Skating Party
  122. Incredibles Party
  123. Indiana Jones Party
  124. Invitation Ideas
  125. Jasmine Party
  126. Jimmy Neutron Party
  127. Japanese Party
  128. Jungle Party
  129. Karaoke Party
  130. Karate Party
  131. Kim Possible Party
  132. Kite Flying Party
  133. Kitty Cat Party
  134. Knights of Round Table
  135. Ladybug Party
  136. Laser Tag Party
  137. Lego Party
  138. Lilo & Stitch Party
  139. Limo Party (Sleek and Fabulous)
  140. Rainbow Party
  141. Ratatouille Party
  142. Rescue Heroes Party
  143. Restaurant Party
  144. Robin Hood Party
  145. Rock Star Party
  146. Rock Climbing Party
  147. Rodeo Party
  148. Rolie Polie Olie Party
  149. Roller Skating Party
  150. Royal Princess Party
  151. Rubber Ducky Party
  152. Rugrats Theme Party
  153. Runway Model Party
  154. Safari Party
  155. Sailboat Party
  156. Salon Party
  157. Scooby Doo Party
  158. Scavenger Hunt Party
  159. Scavenger Hunt – Mall
  160. Science Party 
  161. Scrapbook Party
  162. Sesame Street Party
  163. Shrek Party
  164. Skateboard Party
  165. Sleepover Party
  166. Sleeping Beauty Party
  167. Snow and Snowman
  168. Snow White Party

Face painters are a great way to add color and entertainment to any kind of event, party, festival, or fundraiser, and are a wonderful treat for guests of all ages! Our face painters will create “cheek art” on your face, arms or hands. The little ones get just as big of a thrill watching as they do the final product!  Adults and teens love it, too!  Our face painters do real wearable art, with small designs or elaborate full faces.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Face Painter

Balloon Twisting is a fascinating art and will be a talking point of any event. Hire a strolling twister today for fantastic entertainment combined with high-level artistry.


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Can Your Artist Do Black and white? Full Color? In black and white, you can get more pictures done in a shorter amount of time, but in color, the pictures usually look nicer.

Can Your Artist Do Bodies and Background scenes, or Heads Only? The heads only option goes faster, but people love the personalization of the body and background scene.

How Much Room Does the Artist Really Need? While they do not require much room, if you don’t tell your catering director that artists are coming, provisions will not be made to incorporate them into your layout.  The last thing you want is for them to be scrambling to rearrange the tables while your guests are arriving.  Also, make a point not to station them too close to loudspeakers.  Your guests need to be able to communicate with the artists. We will work with whatever amount of space you can provide. Generally, face painters, caricature artists, and similar type of services/acts will require 2-3 chairs each and a table.

Will There Be A Long Line? People love caricatures, and there will be lines.  Unless you have a volunteer willing to remain near the artists the whole time and control the crowd, tickets and number systems simply do not work. (We’ve been doing it for many years and have tried nearly everything, take our word for it!) The best system, we’ve sadly discovered, seems to be none. Just allow your artists to take first-come, first-served. If you have more than one artist at your event, allow them to set up next to one another so that guests can form one fast moving line instead of three short ones. The effect is purely psychological, but your guests will appreciate it nonetheless.

What do I need to make it a successful outdoor event? For outdoor events, we need a temperature ranging from 50-80° and access to a shady area on hot, sunny days. We can provide a 10’ x 10’ popup tent for an additional fee.