Can Your Artist Do Black and white? Full Color? In black and white, you can get more pictures done in a shorter amount of time, but in color, the pictures usually look nicer.

Can Your Artist Do Bodies and Background scenes, or Heads Only? The heads only option goes faster, but people love the personalization of the body and background scene.

How Much Room Does the Artist Really Need? While they do not require much room, if you don’t tell your catering director that artists are coming, provisions will not be made to incorporate them into your layout.  The last thing you want is for them to be scrambling to rearrange the tables while your guests are arriving.  Also, make a point not to station them too close to loudspeakers.  Your guests need to be able to communicate with the artists. We will work with whatever amount of space you can provide. Generally, face painters, caricature artists, and similar type of services/acts will require 2-3 chairs each and a table.

Will There Be A Long Line? People love caricatures, and there will be lines.  Unless you have a volunteer willing to remain near the artists the whole time and control the crowd, tickets and number systems simply do not work. (We’ve been doing it for many years and have tried nearly everything, take our word for it!) The best system, we’ve sadly discovered, seems to be none. Just allow your artists to take first-come, first-served. If you have more than one artist at your event, allow them to set up next to one another so that guests can form one fast moving line instead of three short ones. The effect is purely psychological, but your guests will appreciate it nonetheless.

What do I need to make it a successful outdoor event? For outdoor events, we need a temperature ranging from 50-80° and access to a shady area on hot, sunny days. We can provide a 10’ x 10’ popup tent for an additional fee.